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Companies are more and more invested in social media to communicate about their business. You must know the codes to ensure an effective presence. In this post we will give you the best practices on social networks

1 - Social Media: Facebook

When to publish on Facebook?

The best days to post content on your Facebook page are :

  • between Monday and Wednesday
  • On the weekend

Friday is less conducive to trade on social media and your audience will generally be smaller.

The best times to post are:

  • between noon and 2pm
  • around 5.30pm-6am

In the morning (before 8am) and evening (after 8pm) you will receive fewer users because they are less present on social media at this time of the day in general.

How often should you publish on Facebook?

The ideal frequency is a post per day to a post every two days. The key is to regularly provide relevant content to your fans without posting information every hour.

What content should be published on facebook?

The best content on Facebook (i.e. which triggers the most engagement in terms of likes and comments) are:

  • photos (pictures and albums published)
  • your status text (without links)
  • surveys (Facebook poll)

Videos are viewed less because they require a bigger time investement. The links also engage fewer fans. Note:

  • posts that are made "forward" (with the star at the top right of post) record 41% more likes and comments.
  • the statuses of 80 characters or less record 66% more engagement from fans.
  • asking questions, encouraging fans to like, and commenting or sharing generally triggers causes more commitment.

2 - Social media: Twitter

When to post on Twitter?

The best days to post content to your Twitter page are:

  • between Monday and Thursday
  • on the weekend

Friday is, in general, a less busy day on Twitter (a charateristic that seems to hold true for all major social networks).

The best times to post are:

  • between 1pm and 4pm
  • around 6pm

The audience is generally smaller in the evening, after 8pm.

How often should you publish on Twitter?

The life of a tweet is short (about 2 minutes and a half, because information travels very fast on Twitter. The ideal is to post between 1-4 tweets per hour, with a minimum of one tweet per day to ensure your presence on the social media.

What content should be published on Tweeter?

On Twitter it is the relevance of the content and effectiveness of the message that really matters. Here are some tips to increase the virality of your messages:

  • the optimal length of a tweet is somewhere between 71 and 100 characters
  • mentions (@) and hashtags (#) are used to create interaction with other followers and thus increase the virality
  • link placed at 1/4 of the message or at the end of the tweet tend to be clicked more often

3 - Social Media: Google+

When to post on Google+?

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, users of Google+ use the social media during their working hours. So try to post your content between Monday and Friday, the audience tends to naturally be smaller during the weekend.

The time frame to privilege is from 9am to 1pm because that is when users of Google+ are most active. After 6pm, your posts will be seen less.

How often should you publish on Google+?

The ideal is to publish a post a day for a post every two days. At a minimum, provide relevant content to your circles once a week to ensure a regular presence on the social network.

What content should you published on Google+?

Google+ is a showcase for the visuals and content alike.

Posts to emphasize are:

  • photos
  • videos
  • links to articles

3 - Social Media: Pinterest

When post on Pinterest?

Pinterest saves more audience at the weekend, especially on Saturday morning.

The best times to post content are:

  • between 2pm and 4pm
  • between 8pm and 1am

How often to publish on Pinterest?

posts on Pinterest have a large time span (your post can be found several days after publication). You should publish at least a post a day to be present on the network.

What content should you publish on Pinterest?

Pinterest is THE visual social media! Aim for visual quality (photos or videos). The maximum width is 600 pixels visuals, without limitation on the height. So privilege visuals that pop and are natural eye-catchers! Note: do not forget to quote and link to the source post, credit is the basis on good relations of quid pro quo on such social sharing networks.

Social network: Conclusion

Social media now has no secrets for you! You have all the information needed to make your content rich and visible to all, which in turn boosts your online presence.

Get started!